Autumn in Madrid, Part 2

Sabatini Gardens, outside the Royal Palace.

Before we moved to Madrid, we heard that we could expect 9 months of winter followed by 3 months of hell, and we have found that to be more or less true. Therefore, we tried to explore in and around our new city as much as possible last autumn, when the weather reached that ephemeral period that is neither too hot nor too cold.

Sunset view out our apartment window.

The royal palace on Hispanic Day, Oct. 12.

October 12 was Hispanic Day, or what we know in America as Columbus Day. It celebrates pretty much the same thing here: the discovery of America, plus the greatness of the Spanish empire.

Several perfectly-calibrated projectors were used to light up the palace in the night, in a constantly changing light show.

The projectors hard at work.

It was also nice to see the leaves on the trees starting to change in our favorite city parks.

Campo del Moro, Madrid.
Campo del Moro, Madrid.

We discovered beautiful fall color outside the city as well when we made a day trip to El Escorial in early November.

Parque La Casita del Principe, near El Escorial.

Construction began on this historic royal residence in the 16th Century.

Many kings and queens are buried here, as you find out when you descend into the crypt.

We enjoyed the ornate flourishes in many of the rooms.

But heed their warning: when they say low ceilings, they mean it.

Once again, we present A Tale of Two Dreamers: how you know it’s time to go home.

“How much longer do we have to stay?”
“You mean we can head back to the train RIGHT NOW???!?”

Last autumn also marked our second Halloween in Spain.

A Münchner in Plaza Mayor.

We put our Oktoberfest clothing to good use again and went out for some holiday libations.

We made our way to a craft beer bar nearby, where we enjoyed pumpkin beer and Jell-O shots.

Halloween is becoming a successful American export here. We drew tickets for a trick or treat at the bar. And just as a Spanish dog says, “guau guau,” ghosts also seem to have something different to say here.

Doer had to work the next day, but Dreamer, who had the day off in observance of All Saints’ Day, went to see some musical performances at Our Lady of Almudena Cemetery, where she was struck by the stunning modernist gate and chapel.

The necropolis is one of the largest in Europe, and final resting place of some famous Spaniards.

A few days later, we went to the Plaza de España to see different dances from the Hispanic world.

Ecuadorean dance troupe

Of course, the event featured that most Spanish of dances, flamenco.


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