Bioparc Valencia


We spent a weekend in Valencia with our rental car, taking in things we couldn’t get to by train, without having to worry about when the last train was. Besides the requisite tiki bar, we decided on our last day there to explore what you Yanks might call an open-air zoo. The Bioparc lives up to the promise: none of the animals are behind bars at all, and the environments seem pretty natural.

dscn1328 dscn1330 img_7911

Me? I enjoyed brushing up on my Spanish vocabulary, learning names of animals I probably would not know otherwise. I mean, doesn’t suricata just sound like it belongs in the middle of Beavis’ Cornholio routine?

dscn1310 dscn1324 img_7926 dscn1320

They also have a great parking garage for practicing with a stick shift, if you are into that sort of thing.

It was a beautiful fall day and we had to take a few selfies on the bridge on the way out. Really, this is the first changing of leaves we had seen in our region: it’s mostly palm trees here.


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