Don’t be a basic beach.


Yesterday, I nicknamed Dreamer “the Gopher” because of the way she was constantly popping up on our train ride to check out the Mediterranean. It was a very scenic train ride back from Barcelona to Castellón, but out of the corner of my eye – as I was trying to get work done on my laptop – this was quite annoying. Dreamer had picked us seats on the dark side of the train… and I do mean “dark.” Some graffito had completely obscured all the windows on our side of the train and the view was all on the other side, anyway.

So I suggested she go sit on the side of the train facing the Mediterranean Sea. And thank goodness she finally obliged.


Don’t worry, I later went to join her. I wasn’t trying to be rude, but a man has his limits. And finally, a chance to work in peace! When I reminded her that we had plenty of beach in the town where we lived, she called it “basic.” Enough said there.


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