You guys, seriously…

Coffee Cup and Spoon
See that spoon? Weird to an American, right?

I am very bothered by how all the stamped metal eating utensils here are stamped the wrong way. They do not feel right in my hands. I’m not sure who in America decided your average cheap metal school lunchroom utensil should be concave on the back side, but clearly this is something I’ve taken for granted all my life… until I came to Spain and found every coffee spoon, fork, etc. to be concave on the front side. Is this a holdover from Franco trying to be contrary or what?

Spoon stamped in the correct, American fashion
Spoon stamped in the correct, American fashion


EDIT: Literally the day after I wrote this post, we went to a cafe and I got a spoon with my coffee that was stamped the other way. It’s like they heard my pleas or something.


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