La oreja del cerdo de Van Gogh

What better way to start out detailing our food experiences than this perfect dish at Gastromaquia in Madrid’s Chueca neighborhood, the Wilton Manors of Madrid if you get my drift… and the residents certainly want to make sure you do, from the first moment you arrive at the rainbow-painted Metro station!

Gastromaquia was easily our best meal yet in Madrid. Since we went for dinner at 9:30 PM like rubes, we miraculously got a table on a walk-in and watched as everyone showing up after us without reservations was made to wait up to an hour. All of the courses we ordered were excellent, including the best version of salmorejo we’ve had yet (similar to gazpacho) and a perfectly-cooked and -seasoned dish of fideus (basically noodle paella).

But this one took the prize for me. Even Dreamer, who is not known to enjoy all things offal, agreed it was perfect.

So, here you have it: Pig’s Ear, braised and then crisped on one side on a plancha (flat top grill/griddle), seasoned with pimentón (smoked paprika) and served with green mojo sauce. So delicious I didn’t get a picture snapped off until the dish was over half gone.


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